SaaS Marketing Makeover for Cedar with Sara Davis, Head of Marketing at Pronto

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This is a podcast episode titled, SaaS Marketing Makeover for Cedar with Sara Davis, Head of Marketing at Pronto. The summary for this episode is: <p>It's makeover time. </p><p><br></p><p>In this live show, CEO and Co-founder of Directive, Garrett Mehrguth, and a SaaS marketing leader work together to build a strategy for a recognizable SaaS brand - as quickly as possible.</p><p>The company will be randomly selected by spinning a wheel at the beginning of the show, and together, the two will craft a strategy for SaaS marketing leaders everywhere.</p><p><br></p><p>Today's guest is Sara Davis, Head of Marketing at Pronto. </p>
First look at Cedar's homepage
02:02 MIN
Cedar's detailed page - What would we change?
03:19 MIN
The value in a customer page
02:24 MIN
We want social proof!
05:22 MIN
Cedar's events page - Hidden gems
02:14 MIN
Spice up the demo page
03:28 MIN
What we would update on Cedar's website
01:55 MIN

Garrett Mehrguth: Well, hello, everybody and welcome to another episode of the SaaS Marketing Makeover. I am very excited today to be joined by the one and only, Sarah Davis, Head of Marketing at Pronto. Welcome to the show, Sarah.

Sarah Davis: Thank you, so excited to be here.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. Well, we're excited to have you. I'm very pumped on this. We missed last week, so apologies to all our regular viewers, but excited to be back. So I always ask the guest this, Sarah, who do you not want it to be? Which one would make you nervous right now?

Sarah Davis: I feel like if it's an Apple or something, what can you critique? It's just too hard.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah, you're like, hey, I would like to give you feedback on your marketing, Apple, and it's like, well, we're all copying you.

Sarah Davis: Yeah, typically.

Garrett Mehrguth: But no, I love that. Well, I don't think Apple's on the list, but who knows? I don't get to see the list. So are you ready to see the wheel?

Sarah Davis: Yeah, let's do it.

Garrett Mehrguth: All right. Shaleigh, let's do the wheel. Oh, my gosh. Okay, they've thrown me for a loop. I don't know Cedar or Disco. Have you heard of Cedar or Disco?

Sarah Davis: No.

Garrett Mehrguth: Cedar. They gave you a new one today. All right. I thought I know most of SaaS these days. I guess I do not. So I miss, who does though? It's so hard to keep up.

Sarah Davis: It is.

Garrett Mehrguth: So Cedar, what do you think it is? Go Cedar, Get Cedar, cedar. io? Let's see. Is it this one? I think it's probably this one. I just clicked their ad. Oh, my God. I'm sorry, Cedar. Okay, so personalized patient billing built to engage. Okay, so let's go to their homepage, see if it's the same. It pays to care. That's a dope headline, actually. I'm not going to lie to you. That's actually a really cool hero shot. What do you think?

Sarah Davis: I like it. It's a little hard to read the second line of text, but I think it's really compelling, the bold.

Garrett Mehrguth: That is a good point. It is hard to read that second line of text. Let's see if we can fix it. What do you think? What would you do to fix it? Make it bigger, essentially, or...?

Sarah Davis: I'd make it bigger. Maybe add some more contrast to the background.

Garrett Mehrguth: It's going to go bigger. I don't think I can do contrast to background. I agree with that, though. They can just, they can layer. Yeah, it doesn't really solve... Then they need the, what? The line height. It should be 1. 2 or something. See, that's tighter, but you're right. It needs overlay on the image, no?

Sarah Davis: Yes.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. Okay. That's just a side note, but I agree. These stink. You know why? I used to do this all the time at my marketing. The reason I say stink is I don't think our customers these days, I don't think they believe us. I don't, I think they almost just ignore it. What do you think? Do you think anybody's like, oh my God, 30% increase in payments. I need Cedar.

Sarah Davis: Do you think they need to have attributions or context or do you think just, it's too early to introduce stats?

Garrett Mehrguth: No, I think you're spot on. I think it's a context. I wish I could freaking remember who does this. I think it's Amplitude. I hope they... I try to keep all these in my brain and sometimes I forget them, but they did this thing where they showed their stats, but see, and they proved it. So Amplitude is number one in analytics and see how they proved it?

Sarah Davis: Oh, that's good.

Garrett Mehrguth: This is that part, and then HBR so it's not them saying it, it's Harvest Business Review saying it. But they had at one point, this is a new homepage so I haven't seen this. They had though, let see if I can cut there. Remember offline, how I was talking about product marketing? This is what I meant, right. But they had their quotes and then this...

Sarah Davis: Mm-hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: But they had, they were more like market quotes and it was validated like this, but then they had the source. So this was from, let's say, TrustRadius, this was from G2 and this was from Gartner and then you could click to the link.

Sarah Davis: That's a good idea.

Garrett Mehrguth: I guess what I was trying to explain there is, if I did this, if you did 70% digital self- service payments, first off, I actually don't know what that one means. Do you know what that one means?

Sarah Davis: No. Is that a individual, do you think, or a company?

Garrett Mehrguth: I think what they're saying is if you use Cedar to power your payment processing, that they can get you to where 70% of your payments are now done digitally by your patients, self- service. That's what they're saying, I think. I would want them to have a Forrester report that validate that and then have a link to the report right here, is what I'm saying, because then, if you hit me with this stat, I think, it waxed me as a customer and I'm like, oh my God, I need this. I don't think I'd go, oh my God, I need this when you hit me with these three stats without the validation.

Sarah Davis: That's true, and then the patient satisfaction, is that a good number? Is 88% better than what you had before?

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh, you're right. There should be a contextual one, right. So you could take this thing, right. You could go, 15% above industry average or something and then now it's contextual, right?

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: It's like Google Analytics. If you don't hit the compare button, does it really matter? Do you know what I mean, because you don't know... Okay, we had 3,000 visitors this month. Well, was it a 1,000,000 last month or was it 1,000 last month? Right, we need that context, I think, for the stats to pop.

Sarah Davis: I think so, too.

Garrett Mehrguth: Okay. Then we take care of end- to- end billing so you can take care of patients. Okay, so what's your processing fee? I think that's my very first question and I haven't seen that yet.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: If you're end- to- end billing, I think, at the end of the day, if anyone who's going to buy from you... This is also tough too, when you go end- to- end. I think we talked about this a little bit, but when you go end- to- end, you've got a big buying committee, right, because now I got to get my FP& A team on board with this.

Sarah Davis: Oh, yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Not just my cus-... Because who do you think they're selling? Because they're acting like they're selling customer success, but I think, truthfully, they're selling finance.

Sarah Davis: I think so, too. Oh, yeah. Then it says financial experience right there in that blurb.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. You see? So they're selling both here, so from pre- visit registration to post visit billing, we personalize the care journey to take each patient to payment. So the reason I wonder that is... Okay, I know FP& A people. Do you think they care? So this is a weird part about positioning. Do you think the FP& A people, see how the branding and positioning is more like to a Head of People Ops?

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: It pays to care, so they're almost treating like they're your employees and it's like the position of a people ops company and an employee management software more than it is a patient billing software.

Sarah Davis: Do you think if they focus too much on the revenue benefits for the billing company or the FP& A folks, that it would seem inhuman if it's just like, we'll get more money out of your customers? I don't know crosstalk.

Garrett Mehrguth: It would. So I don't know if it, I'm not saying I have the right thing. I just don't know if they have the right thing because I don't know who they're selling quite yet. Do you get what I'm saying? Healthcare is complicated but payment can be simple, but I've never heard of a small healthcare company, right. So at the end of the day, they're selling big organizations with massive FP& A functions. I just haven't seen him say anything, I think, FP& A care, let's see what it is. Okay. So it's, CEO is a quote. Finance, see what I'm saying, finance? See, that's AVP of finance. See that's finance? See it's all finance?

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: So, how much do they save you? Do you see, how much do they increase? What do they do to help finance? Because see how it says personalization? User experience.

Sarah Davis: That's true.

Garrett Mehrguth: Implementation. Insights. Self serve payments, increase in payments, patient satisfaction, but they never mention cost and they don't mention billing. They don't mention processing fee.

Sarah Davis: Right, or on time payments or anything like that.

Garrett Mehrguth: You see what I'm saying? So they have this persona of the Head of Finance, but I don't know if they're speaking to the Head of Finance so much as the CEO. I love this as the CEO, right. It's like, I'm trying to get, I wish our billing was more humane, we always get bad feedback on that. We got to do better billing software. Nobody likes getting bills from their hospital or their healthcare system. How can we make that better? So I see that, but I see FP& A going like, okay, how does that affect our cost though? Does that integrate to Workday? You see what I'm saying? I don't know if they're solving this to their persona.

Sarah Davis: True. Maybe in their detailed pages, but certainly not in the homepage.

Garrett Mehrguth: Let's check out the details. So Cedar Pay, I think, personalized patient billing built to engage. Let's see if they get there. Three clicks to bill payment so I know that, why that's good for, I think, the customer experience team. I know why this is good for customer success.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: I know why this is good for your CTO. Where's finance?

Sarah Davis: I guess there.

Garrett Mehrguth: It is a sexy billing system. It looks dope as hell. I'm not knocking this, the product looks amazing. I'm just wondering... Oh, here it is.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: That was that context I was talking about.

Sarah Davis: Oh, yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Huh. What do you think? I'm a little struggling here, I'm not going to lie to you because I just haven't seen them talk once to the finance person.

Sarah Davis: Right, so who is it actually supposed to be selling on this? I think that's a good question.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. If I was a Cedar team, I think I would just take this feedback and be like, all right, do we want to be selling finance people? Because if we do, I mean, I would do why FP& A professionals choose Cedar.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: You see? Then, so let's maybe go there. Cedar Pay with the Cedar... That's not good. So, where's the Cedar Suite? Have we, I never heard of the Cedar Suite until just now. Did you?

Sarah Davis: No.

Garrett Mehrguth: That's a gap. We might want, we need Cedar Suite in here then, right, and then Cedar Pay would be nested within it, correct?

Sarah Davis: Oh, right. Yeah. Definitely.

Garrett Mehrguth: Because the Cedar Suite would be your platform and then Cedar Pay would be a feature, I would believe, technically. So then I would have my platform as a suite. Within the suite, I would have my tools. One of which would be Cedar Pay, maybe another would be analytics.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative). The suite's probably more expensive, you would think, too, so you'd really want to try to upsell that.

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh, yeah. 1, 000%. For example, view your collection rate. See, that's the finance stuff, right. How does it improve collection rate? How does it improve time to collect? This is, I think these two pieces right here are huge, and then also how does it affect your processing fees?

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: Because I do think... Let's see whether they show us the Cedar Suite.

Sarah Davis: So there is a landing page somewhere. I don't know how crosstalk.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah, but it's not integrated in. Dang it. Come on, Cedar. You're so close. Because their branding stuff is so clean.

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: It's a really cool way to make billing personal, if that makes sense. I think it's really, really nice. So, meaningful interactions from check- in to bill resolution. Cedar provides the tools to deliver personalized patient financial interactions. So they help you pre- visit, at visit, post visit. This is a tough sell, though. Have you ever sold a product that, see, because now, if you a pre- visit, do you know how many people you have to get on board? So maybe they are selling the CEO and they want the CEO to sponsor this. I don't know. It's a tough, you see what I mean? Because you have to, there's a lot of people you'd have to get bought into this, no?

Sarah Davis: Yeah. So do you think they would require patients to create a login or something like that? Or they just feel like this is part of our healthcare system everyone uses this now.

Garrett Mehrguth: Well, no, this is their intake form, I'm sure.

Sarah Davis: Oh, okay.

Garrett Mehrguth: So this has to be your intake. This would have to be, so your front desk staff, right, the people who run the customer experience would have to be bought into this. Then you would have to have the billing people bought into this and then you would have to have finance and healthcare leadership bought into this because this is a complete user experience cell, if that makes sense.

Sarah Davis: That's a lot of behaviors to change, too.

Garrett Mehrguth: They look big, though, and I don't see any... Where's all their logos?

Sarah Davis: Oh, that's a good question.

Garrett Mehrguth: This product looks pretty built out, I'm not going to lie. This does not look like it's a startup. You know what I mean? Let's go to AngelList, let's see. I'm curious where they're at, funding wise because... Yeah, they got$ 62 million in funding and they're a Series B company and not, they're not tiny, but they didn't, I don't think they showed us one customer. Did you see one client?

Sarah Davis: No. Other than the quotes, that's it.

Garrett Mehrguth: Which is...

Sarah Davis: Oh, maybe the client stories in that.

Garrett Mehrguth: You know what it probably is? It's ironic about this, is they probably have just a massive Salesforce. So my uncle is in hospital network insurance and it's all relationship driven in this space. I'm sure the healthcare decision making process is very relational and old school, but I don't, the product is so sexy and cool and they're massive. I want some more quotes. I want the customers page, because I feel like if you showed me, oh, you do this network, that network, oh, my gosh. Okay, you've got the biggest, you have all the biggest players in this space. I trust you now. You see what I'm saying?

Sarah Davis: Yeah. Well, it's sometimes hard to get healthcare logos approved to use though.

Garrett Mehrguth: That could be a huge part of it. So, if I was...

Sarah Davis: Maybe that why... Because these quotes seem to be slightly smaller, like this, I can't even pronounce that medical center or the ones before it.

Garrett Mehrguth: No, I agree with you. ChristianaCare, Cara and Summit CityMD. Yeah, that could be a case, but if I was the marketing team, then I'd go back to sales and fight for putting in our SOWs, our statement of work, that we can use quotes and I might even offer a discount if I have to, to some of the bigger players in procurement to see if I can't get their logo on the site. You know what I mean?

Sarah Davis: That's a great idea. Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Because a lot of people do that in these tough to serve industries. They'll put, essentially, marketing rights in the SOW and then that becomes a part of the negotiation of price. It's like, oh, you don't want to pay that much, well, okay, we'll give you that 10% discount, but you need to give us a quote or we're not going to be able to use your logo. You see what I'm saying?

Sarah Davis: Definitely. I think that would prove hugely valuable too.

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh, undoubtedly, because I didn't realize Cedar was that big, and I think Cedar's massive, but I couldn't tell... Let's see how many open job recs they have. I bet you it's huge. Yeah. See this?

Sarah Davis: That's a lot.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. They're not a small organization. You see what I'm saying?

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: They need to act like they're not and I think the only way you act like that is you got to throw some big logos on there.

Sarah Davis: Oh, we have some awards at the bottom.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah, they do. They might want to throw these at the top too, from a culture standpoint. Okay, so let's look at content. Let's see how they're telling their, let's see how they're articulating. Oh, we do have client stories. Oh my God. There might just be hidden. Let's see. Let's find client stories. Okay. I only have two and I know they still struggle with this and I'm sure it's for the reason you said. I don't think their team's like, you know what we don't want? Social proof.

Sarah Davis: Yeah. True.

Garrett Mehrguth: I don't think that's what they're trying to do. I think it's probably just difficult so we might want to try that SOW idea. Let's see these case studies. What do you think about them?

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Cool. Kept their hero theme. Host video style.

Hal Teitelbaum: I'm Dr. Hal Teitelbaum, Managing Partner and CEO of Crystal Run Healthcare. We've been working with Cedar for several years and Cedar has dramatically improved the patient experience and frankly has improved our ability to collect.

Sue Gillies: We had this big initiative in the beginning of 2018 to change...

Garrett Mehrguth: Those are clean. I get an idea of it.

Sarah Davis: Yeah. I like it.

Garrett Mehrguth: What do you think about that? Do you like video ones? Do you like written ones? What's your take there?

Sarah Davis: I like video ones a lot. You'd want to make sure you have something written though, for SEO, I think, unless you're doing meta tags, I guess, in the background of it. But I think video is really compelling, especially since they do have the actual stakeholders speaking to it themselves.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. I totally agree with that. Especially since we haven't seen a ton of social proof. This is a cool little content. I like this concept, right, I think they're planning the seed here for their value prop, right. They, I think, if you remember earlier from their product page, they said you can pay bills with three clicks and now they're showing how many clicks should it take and I think they solve this problem but I don't know if everyone in that old school industry has ever thought about how many clicks it takes to pay a medical bill. I think it's a cool little piece of content. Let's see if they execute it.

Sarah Davis: Oh, yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Okay. Well, first piece of feedback is make sure if your average user is the CEO of a healthcare company, let's increase our font size so they can read it.

Sarah Davis: What is the size at? 10 or something?

Garrett Mehrguth: It was at 16. This is a little better, and then maybe a little darker font to help themselves out. But now, at least I can read it. So in the 1970s, Tootsie Roll posed one of the biggest things, how many licks did it take, funny. I'm not a huge fan of the classic bolding coloration thing, with oranges and blues and stuff.

Sarah Davis: You think it should just be one color or less?

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah, then it hyperlinks, maybe can be underlined so you know that they're a hyperlink.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: But let's see if we have... Okay, so they said they had a report. Didn't they call this a study or healthcare insights?

Sarah Davis: Insights.

Garrett Mehrguth: It'd be cool if they had a study. I think, you know what I mean? If this was more in a study format. So, according to internal research from 2021, 48% of Texas patients at Cedar client health systems paid bills with sub-$ 100 balances in just three clicks, this align with the recent Salesforce finding that 52% of global consumers expect to be able to find what they need from a company in three clicks or less.

Sarah Davis: It's a good data points.

Garrett Mehrguth: It is good data point. I think I want to visualize it, though. I think you could turn this blog post into a visual. That plotted, Cedar versus the competition or, but with, Cedar are doing nothing. Legacy billing, if you don't want to call your competitors out, you can at least call it legacy billing companies and you can be like, we're the future, they're the past and you can highlight that. You know what I mean?

Sarah Davis: It'd be interesting, maybe, to do a timeline, or not a timeline, but a number of clicks and then you show the fall off, once you get to five clicks, what happens and maybe where Cedar fits in with three or less?

Garrett Mehrguth: Well, yeah. I think some of this feature stuff is dope as hell and we didn't see it until this little quote. They have Apple Pay on their billing. I'm not going to lie to you, that's epic. Right? You know what I mean? That is a very consumer friendly feature. I think under Cedar Pay, you might want to be able to build out your product marketing and talk about, who do you integrate with? What payment providers do you accept? How does this integrate to maybe your ERP system? Because I don't, I haven't seen anything on integrations, right. So I would imagine Cedar obviously needs to integrate to your accounting software and probably your Salesforce, correct? But I don't think I see any integration content. I don't. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: If you're a product like this, you're coded like, let's say Stripe, right. Stripe is billing too, correct?

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: Let's just assume, so first they lead with social proof, right? Then, let's see if they have integrated. They have so many products, I forgot about that. We're there. Let's see if they do integrations. Partners. There you go, and now you can see who they work with and then it's SCA ready or what it, see how it fits. You see what I'm saying?

Sarah Davis: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, Apple Pay's very forward thinking, in my opinion too, so I would imagine they're also integrated with much more than that, too.

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh, I would have to imagine, of course. They be like, of course we're going to work with those things. I'm sure the sales people answer that question all the time. I just might want to get that into my marketing because I think that creates a better reason to use them. You know what I mean?

Sarah Davis: Definitely.

Garrett Mehrguth: Anything you're seeing here that I haven't touched on, that you're like, we got to dive into that?

Sarah Davis: What is listed under the resources? So it's their testimonials, what else do they have?

Garrett Mehrguth: They have events.

Sarah Davis: What kind of events do they do?

Garrett Mehrguth: So experience Cedar, live or on demand. So looks like we probably have some RSVP repeated webinars, I'm sure. Cedar Talks on demand, like these, right. You can start to see... They've had Chelsea Clinton? You see what I mean? They have the co- founder of Pelo-... They have these people and I feel like they just, co- founder of Instagram. What the hell? Yo, this is badass. These people... Featuring Chelsea Clinton? Why is that hidden? You know what I mean? This is dope. What the heck? People eat this up.

Sarah Davis: That's amazing.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. I don't have anything like this.

Sarah Davis: No.

Garrett Mehrguth: I would be like, that would be up somewhere instead of this or instead of any of these things. I think, that's some, those three pieces of content they had should replace these three, in my opinion.

Sarah Davis: The picture's so small. I didn't even identify crosstalk.

Garrett Mehrguth: No, you didn't even know, did you?

Sarah Davis: No.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah, yeah. You probably didn't even tell that it was...

Sarah Davis: I thought it was a stock photo of a blonde person.

Garrett Mehrguth: No, I think they hosted it. Yeah, this is a Cedar Talk with the co- founder of Instagram.

Sarah Davis: That's huge.

Garrett Mehrguth: I don't know. Yeah. Those are some pretty killer guests. I don't even know how they book those guests. You know what I mean? I feel like they've got some amazing stuff that they just hide. I would be showing this off all the time.

Sarah Davis: Oh, for sure.

Garrett Mehrguth: That's so interesting.

Sarah Davis: Definitely higher, yeah. Higher up on the website, on social, emails, et cetera.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. Do you see this? Peloton. That's awesome. Yeah. I just think that because this, I think, is what they're, I think they're trying to make people, to show aspirational content almost. They're trying to make people realize why they need Cedar because I think there's a lot of legacy thinking, probably, in this space, if that makes sense.

Sarah Davis: Mm-hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: I think this totally fits what they're trying to execute. I think they just accidentally buried it and it's not even old, it's only from January. This is dope. You just remove this date and you make it evergreen. Watch what happens if you go like this. Now it's evergreen.

Sarah Davis: That's great. Yeah. I like that.

Garrett Mehrguth: I will say, I'll make the content a little bigger.

Sarah Davis: Right.

Garrett Mehrguth: What about Try Cedar?

Sarah Davis: Is he talking about it?

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh, sorry, what did you say?

Sarah Davis: Oh, yeah. Try Cedar. No, no. Let's try Cedar.

Garrett Mehrguth: Okay, so we're ready to try Cedar. I'm going to be honest with you, this page is underwhelming, from best practices standpoint.

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Okay, so let's just say I request a demo, right. What happens next?

Sarah Davis: That's true. Doesn't say what happens.

Garrett Mehrguth: What do I get on this demo? Who am I talking with? How long is it?

Sarah Davis: Good point.

Garrett Mehrguth: I think people want to know that information.

Sarah Davis: Only showing the street address, that must makes it seem like it would be in person or something like that.

Garrett Mehrguth: This is old school web development for, if you did a bunch of local clients. You always have this stuff, but I don't think it's relevant to Cedar, if that makes sense.

Sarah Davis: Probably. Yeah, probably not at all.

Garrett Mehrguth: So imagine, watch. I'll show you what I would do. So imagine if you took this piece, let's see where it is, right here. Right there. Then you turn these into benefits.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: So, speak with a billing expert, and we have another one, right, 30 minute call and it's not like, see how much you can save, right. You get what I mean? You can build this all out and design this but I think that information is pretty critical to the success of this part, right. You funneled everyone in this website to Try Cedar, now the question's, okay, am I trying Cedar because I think the lie is that you could try Cedar.

Sarah Davis: Right.

Garrett Mehrguth: I've always been most effective with call to actions when I advertise the next step.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: So I usually, instead of a Try Cedar CTA, I'll just be, book discovery call, and that'll highlight what you get on the discovery call.

Sarah Davis: Yeah. A benefit.

Garrett Mehrguth: You request a demo, you don't get a demo, right, what do you get? You get an inbound SDR who qualifies you.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: I don't know. What do you think? What have you found that work best on these types of pages?

Sarah Davis: I mean, I think there has to be some statement about what you benefit from, from filling us out. This is a lot of fields too, especially the, how did you hear about us. There doesn't seem to be a dropdown so that's open ended...

Garrett Mehrguth: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Sarah Davis: ...Which is interesting to me.

Garrett Mehrguth: You know what they could do, right? They could just make this a two column layout. So you go first name, last name, same line.

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: Because no one's first name is, look how long your first name would have to be. I'll be dead serious, if you just think about it from a UX standpoint, you'd have to have the world's longest name to maximize that field space.

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: You could just go first name, last name, and then you could get the submit button up above the fold to be right here.

Sarah Davis: I think that just seems just so much less to overcome than an entire page of a form.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. It is a little daunting and they don't have any of that social proof, right. So then we take those quotes that we have on the homepage, those are maybe right here on the right or below us. We got some of those logos still. We got our call to actions of why you want to do this. You can maybe add a phone number as well because I could imagine maybe the older audience wants to talk to someone on the phone.

Sarah Davis: Yeah.

Garrett Mehrguth: I don't know. I think there's some pretty good opportunities though, for them to tighten it up.

Sarah Davis: I think so too. So the CTAs are learn more or schedule a demo, it seems. Your request demo.

Garrett Mehrguth: Oh yeah. What's the learn more one that they send us to? That's the Why Cedar.

Sarah Davis: Oh, okay.

Garrett Mehrguth: Powered by data, designed for results. I don't think that's a great why statement. I think they actually have a better why statement here, it pays to care. That's their why. Why Cedar? Because it pays to care. Right, you have that big statement and then you validate that with data.

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Garrett Mehrguth: This is, I mean, it's cool. It's very, the product, I can't say enough about this. I mean, the product looks sexy as hell.

Sarah Davis: It looks great.

Garrett Mehrguth: I think it's just, how do we tell the product's story? While the brand looks clean, it leaves me with a lot of questions and I don't know if I feel confident enough as a user to be like, let me get a demo, even though I'm not in market. So if I'm in market, I'm looking for new healthcare billing, I'll get a demo. But what if I just have been frustrated with my current billing provider and I don't have, and my renewal's in six months? I don't know if Cedar's doing enough right now to get me to request a call now. Does that make sense?

Sarah Davis: Mm- hmm( affirmative). Yeah, it does. Especially if it's unclear who this is really meant for, I suppose.

Garrett Mehrguth: No, 1, 000%. So... I'm sorry, Pronto, but Sarah has been poached and she's now joined the Cedar team. She's Head of Marketing at Cedar. What are a couple things you want to do, maybe different, when you get there, Sarah, to make an impact?

Sarah Davis: I really think pulling out any proof around the validity and the breadth of how big of a company this is. Whether that's servicing some of the quotes or really great talks that they have, would be really validating in terms of who is Cedar. I think also just the facilitation of understanding like, hi, I'm coming into this as this type of person, I want to see information that I care about, and being able to figure out like, yes, I'm in finance and I care about this one thing, here's this page that I can go to and fully understand it. So segmentation, a little bit. Then I think, finally, is just honestly the contact us form, maybe there's another way to get in touch them. I think phone would be key, especially if we're working with probably large healthcare providers who may not necessarily be up to date on the latest technology, may need phones to contact them.

Garrett Mehrguth: Yeah. I would want, I love all that. I think some of the content we didn't get to is, what's your implementation support like? I would have a pretty big implementation page because this is not... How, is it a six month implementation or is it a year implementation? It's not a 30 day implementation. There's no way. I've never been to a healthcare provider that's going to, I mean, I wait for 30 days to get seen by the doctor. I don't think they're going to be able to roll out the billing software that fast, you know what I mean? So what is implementation like and how, if I'm going to be sponsoring Cedar and I got my neck on the guillotine, saying we need new billing, how do you protect my butt by being your champion? I think, you know what I mean? I think we got to get into the psychology of who is our audience, right. If it is finance, like we talked about in the beginning, we don't really market to finance so how do we, who's our persona, how do we tell that story and then how do we address the psychological friction of actually buying Cedar in our content? I think it would have a pretty big impact because that's a really cool product. I mean, that product, I think, sells itself. Maybe that's why they don't have more of this stuff because Apple Pay for a hospital billing? I mean, my wife would be in love with Cedar if she could get that. So Cedar, amazing job, killer product. I think, hopefully there's some low hanging fruit from this session today that you can maybe find some ideas from, but Sarah, people want to follow you. They love you today. How can they do that?

Sarah Davis: LinkedIn's great. There's probably a thousand Sarah Davis' on LinkedIn, but this is my handle.

Garrett Mehrguth: This, @ davissara, right here.

Sarah Davis: Yes. Yes. Secured that one early on, in LinkedIn's tenure.

Garrett Mehrguth: Hell, yeah. I love it. Well, thank you so much for being on the show. This was amazing. That, everyone, is another episode of the SaaS Marketing Makeover. So thanks and have a great day.

Sarah Davis: Thank you.


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